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How Cold Can My Beer Really Be?

Jan 28, 2024 | Commercial Kitchen, Reach-Ins, Refrigeration, Walk Ins | 0 comments

It is officially spring! We all know what that means: scorching temperatures and unrelenting rays of solar heat are approaching us Texans. Now is the time to start conjuring up ideas to beat the heat, and we’ve got the perfect one to get you started. What’s better than the sound of a beer being cracked open in the middle of a hot day? Nothing is more satisfying than an ice-cold cerveza during a Texas summer day, but it begs the question, how cold can “ice-cold” really be?

Now, before we resort to tossing that six-pack directly into the freezer, we should probably take a closer look at beer and its freezing point. Although it can be enticing to put those beers where they will ideally get the most cold at the quickest rate, the disappointment of slushy beer is all too relatable and all too real. Not only is the texture completely off, but the taste dies with it!

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But wait—doesn’t alcohol not freeze? The answer is both yes and no and relies solely on the alcohol to water ratio. Now, alcohols with a much lower water content–like vodka or rum–won’t freeze in a regular freezer or beverage cooler. However, the percentage of water that makes up beer is at a whopping 95% –way higher than other alcohols with high ethanol contents (cue vodka, again). Another thing to take into account is each individual beer’s alcohol content. The higher the ABV, the lower the water content, which means a slightly lower freezing point. Of course, beer isn’t completely water, although that percentage may make it sound like it is. Therefore, beer’s freezing point isn’t at exactly 32 degrees, but it’s not that far off, either.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume our beers are sitting at a comfortable range of 4%-8% ABV. Within this range, these beer’s freezing points range from 27-30 degrees Fahrenheit, which isn’t too far from water’s natural freezing points of 32 degrees. Let’s revisit the idea of popping those beers in the freezer for some instant gratification. How cold is the average freezer? Well, you can bet that your freezer is hovering right at 0 degrees Fahrenheit at any given time, which makes this a pretty brutal environment for our poor beer to be subjected to! Of course, the beer won’t freeze immediately, but if it slips our very forgetful minds, just 2 hours is enough to turn our beer into an unappealing flurry.

What’s the perfect temperature of a beer, then? How cold and refreshing can beer really be, if not teetering the line of being a wheat-flavored slushy? Of course, this all depends on which beer you’re looking to serve. Stronger beers like ales are naturally best served slightly warmer, in the low 50s, while weaker beers like lagers are best served in the low 30s and 40s.

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With all that being said, we can rule out the possibility of relying on our run-of-the-mill freezer to chill our beers quickly; there’s too much to risk! With wide ranges of alcohol and water contents as well as ideal serving temperatures for each different type of beer, there are loads of factors when trying to strike that perfect temperature to store your beer. While throwing the beers in the fridge is the classic and safe option, there’s an even better alternative: beverage coolers.

Beverage cooler–the cooler version of a fridge. How different are they, really? They both have shelves, a door, and they’re both cold. What can someone really gain from a specialized beverage cooler? Well, some pluses to an auxiliary beverage cooler are that they are smaller than the average fridge, which is perfect for specialized uses (beer fridge!). They are also much more diverse in their designs, meaning you are able to find nearly any color or style to fit your space perfectly. Let’s also not forget their efficiency, since they are much smaller than your average full-sized refrigerator.

When it comes to beer lovers, the biggest plus of a beverage cooler is the ability to set very specific temperatures, depending on how updated a model you’re dealing with. With this ability to set specialized temperatures for your beverages (beer), you can strike the perfect chill for your favorite malty beverages without the risk of ruining your drinks in a rushed haze to get that refreshing foam!

Here at Tri-Point, we can help you find the best beverage cooler to fit your summer beverage needs. Please contact us to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable and friendly techs to start your journey in finding the perfect cooler!

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