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How Helpful are Ceiling Fans?

Jan 27, 2024 | Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality | 0 comments

Here in Texas, ceiling fans are an absolute must. They help circulate the air and cool us down during our eternal summers and can truly feel like life savers during our most brutal heat waves. However, ceiling fans and their power can sometimes be played down or simply misunderstood. Ceiling fans are extremely versatile and can be greatly underappreciated. Here, we’re going to dispel some ceiling fan myths and let you in on why they are so good!

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Ceiling fans help with heat distribution. Yes, you read that right! Cooling may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of what a ceiling fan does. However, these gadgets are great at helping heat the home in the cold months as well. Ceiling fans pull air up and redistribute it throughout the room over and over. If you do this during the cold months with the heat on, a ceiling fan will help disperse that warm air evenly throughout the room, helping heat it faster and more efficiently.

Ceiling fans cool us down. This may seem like a very obvious statement, but some may not know what the actual effect of ceiling fans are and how they make us feel cooler. No, ceiling fans do not add cool air or somehow cool the air with their blades–in fact, ceiling fans actually add a bit of heat to the room due to the heat from their motor as they work. Ceiling fans make us feel cool simply by moving the air over our skin, which helps humans feel cooler than they may actually be.

Efficacy is key. When shopping for a ceiling fan, you may notice the label on it letting you know of its efficacy. This is measured by how much air is moved by the ceiling fan per minute. Because we feel cooler due to the air movement, the more efficient a ceiling fan is at doing this, the better it is at making us feel cooler. A good rule of thumb is to look for a ceiling fan that offers 100 cfm (cubic feet per min) per watt.

Size matters. Blade size is very important when it comes to the efficiency of a fan at cooling a room or being able to circulate the air in general. Fans with longer blades will almost always have a higher efficacy rate, while fans with shorter blades will have a lower rating.

Low speeds are more efficient. The goal here is to have good airflow, efficiently. Running a ceiling fan on high does not necessarily mean that the airflow is better. Since the size is really what we’re concerned with, creating a tornado in your room with your ceiling fan going 100 mph will only create a wind chamber and really won’t cool down a room any more than a big ceiling fan on low. At low or medium speed, it costs less to run and cools down the room in a more comfortable way.

The bottom line

Ceiling fans are great during any season. Although somewhat misunderstood, they are vital in our homes! They help move air around, cool and heat rooms and prevent our homes from getting stale and stuffy due to stagnant air.

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