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How to Control Odor in my Walk-In

Jan 27, 2024 | Commercial Kitchen, Reach-Ins, Refrigeration, Sanitation, Walk Ins | 0 comments

Bad smells turn off just about everyone, especially when they’re radiating from the exact wrong place: shoes, bathrooms, and refrigerators. With commercial refrigeration seeing so much traffic and rotation of food and people, it can be pretty easy for it to develop a pretty unpleasant odor over time–something no one wants. Although a smelly fridge might be because something simply went bad, it’s also very likely that a foul odor in the fridge could be coming from mold or bacteria, which can severely contaminate inventory and waste food and money, or even worse, get someone sick.

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So, how does one deal with odor in the walk-in? Well, the best way to control odor in your walk-in refrigerator or freezer is to prevent it from happening in the first place. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help you keep your fridge clean, healthy, and odor free.

Our tips for a clean and odor-free walk-in

Practice good food storage habits. This is walk-in freezer/fridge 101: bad storage and organization can cause a huge headache over time and can result in spoilage, bacteria growth, and stench. One of the best tips for storage when thinking of reducing smell is the first in, first out method. This means that whatever comes in first, needs to come out first–the 4-day-old bag of spinach should not be lingering longer than the 2-day-old bag. Making sure the use of products and other foods in the order that they come in not only saves money but makes sure that nothing is left to rot.

Deep cleaning the unit. This is extremely important if you’re already noticing smells in your walk-in. Giving the unit a deep clean on a regular basis can really help with stench and keep bacteria and mold away. To deep clean the unit, it’s very important to never use harsh cleaners or chemicals as it will damage the unit. A simple solution of warm water and soap will do the job beautifully. Likewise, baking soda and vinegar are great cleaners and great odor eliminators!

Make sure there’s good air circulation. All that food sitting inside of an enclosed area with bad or no circulation can be a recipe for disaster and smells. Make sure that nothing is blocking vents or fans, and make sure that food and containers are not packed very tightly together, as this can cause blockage in the airflow, which can ultimately make food spoil quicker and allow for odors.

Use odor-eliminating tricks as a daily precaution. There are many things that take little to no effort that you can do to help keep odors at bay in your walk-in fridge or freezer. Consider placing a bowl of charcoal briquettes in your unit, as they do an amazing job at absorbing odors very efficiently. Likewise, the good ole box of baking soda or even a bowl of coffee grounds can help as well! These little nifty tricks aren’t just for your fridge at home–the logic spans to big refrigerators and freezers as well. These can help reduce odors in the short and long run.

The bottom line

Smells in walk-in refrigerators or freezers are inevitable. They are enclosed spaces holding lots of perishables and it’s nearly impossible to avoid having some sort of smell inside the space. However, it absolutely becomes a problem if the odor becomes foul, very unpleasant, and lingers for long periods of time. If that is the case, it’s likely that there is a problem beyond spillage or spoiled brussel sprouts. It’s very important to practice good cleaning and storage habits in these sensitive environments to avoid odors and bacteria which can snowball into bigger issues if left untreated.

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