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How to Save Money on your Office Heating Bills

Jan 27, 2024 | Air Conditioning, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Temperature Monitoring | 0 comments

As energy prices rise and the temperature plummets, everyone is looking for ways to save a few bucks, and the costs to run an office are definitely under the microscope right now.

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Electricity and heating specifically can be some of the biggest offenders when it comes to eating up the budget. We’ve compiled a list of painless and nearly costless tips and tricks that can help your office save money on utilities.


Utilize the sunlight. Surprisingly enough, ¾ of all window coverings never change positions throughout the day. Instead of leaving windows closed or blocked all day, consider opening the blinds or curtains for at least a portion of the day to allow heat from the sun to warm up your office for free. Bonus points if you can know when that particular window will receive ultra-warm direct sunlight. Not only will this raise the temperatures, but sunlight exposure isgreat for the mental health of office workers as well.

Repair air leakage. Drafty doors and windows can rapidly and effectively suck out warm air or let cold, frigid air leak in–and this is bad for all seasons! To help out your heating system, take a look at repairing air leakage in the doors and windows. This can be done quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective way by simply applying weather stripping or sliding draft stoppers under doors with large gaps at the bottom. Want an even cheaper way to seal drafts for the time being? You can use a hairdryer and plastic wrap to seal out the cold.

Get space heaters. If safe to use in your facility, space heaters are a great way to go to avoid high electric bills from heating. Of course, this is really only applicable to smaller offices; a big office with space heaters in every room will not cut down on energy usage–in fact, it will spike it pretty heavily. Do not use space heaters as a solution for larger spaces. Space heaters are great, compact options to help warm up targetted areas, especially if many parts of the office are not in use and don’t necessarily need to be toasty 100% of the time.

Make sure the filters are clean and clear. We cannot stress this enough! Stuffed-up, dirty filters can really damper the effectiveness of air and heating. Dirty filters can slow down or even block airflow, which requires that your system work harder to get that air past the filter. This will not only help out the energy bill, but it will help your system be more efficient at heating up the air as well, which will keep you more comfortable during the cold.

Set the thermostat. Keeping the thermostat at a set temperature instead of changing it several times a day can reduce how much your heating system will be working. Keeping it at a comfortable temperature during the winter months and leaving it be will allow the heating system to rest and cause it to click on much less. Likewise, set the thermostat to a lower temperature closer to that of the outside temperature when the office is not occupied. This will allow the system to rest when it’s not needed and reduce needless use when the office doesn’t have anyone to keep warm.

The bottom line

There are so many options when it comes to easy ways to keep your office space warm and comfortable without breaking the bank. Putting just a couple of these tricks into practice can help your company save money while keeping you and other workers comfortable during the winter months.

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