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Water and ice, two of the most potent forces on earth, are constantly at work in your ice machine, placing it under continuous strain. Water deposits minerals on nearly every surface, while ice causes constant expansion and cold temperatures foster mold growth. This relentless cycle of ice production, operating all day, every day, necessitates a thorough cleaning of the ice machine every six months to remove mineral buildup and mold. Both of these factors can severely hinder the machine’s operation. When your ice machine malfunctions, it’s crucial to restore its functionality promptly. Tri-Point has a proven track record of working with both large restaurant chains and small convenience stores to ensure their ice machines are cleaned and repaired efficiently.

Customers We Serve:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Office Buildings
  • Event Centers
  • School Districts
  • Residential Homes
  • Movie Theaters
  • Testing / Manufacturing

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New Ice Machine Installations

The Tri-Point Refrigeration team will receive your new ice machine at our warehouse. Regardless of whether your machine arrives directly from the factory or from our stocked warehouse, we will thoroughly inspect it for any damage prior to installation. Should we discover any damage, we will promptly report it to the manufacturer and find a replacement or initiate a warranty repair. Our team will also handle the removal and disposal of the pallet and packaging and recycle your old ice machine, saving you the hassle. Once the ice machine is installed, we will connect it to power, install the drain lines, install the water filter, and install fresh water plumbing. We will also verify that the ice machine is producing ice of the correct thickness to ensure optimal output before our team departs from the job site.

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Commercial Ice Machine Brands We Recommend:


 Commercial Ice Maker Leasing, Service, & Sales

Commercial ice makers take a lot of abuse. It’s essential to work with a company that can keep your equipment cleaned maintained and running. Tri-Point has experience working with a variety of businesses to keep their equipment operational and in great working order.

What Is The Best Brand Commercial Ice Maker?

There are quite a few different manufacturers of commercial ice machines, and selecting the best can sometimes be a hassle for our partner customers. One of the advantages of working with an experienced company like Tri-Point is the technicians understand the best brands after years of testing and experience. Tri-Point has worked with companies as large as Amazon to manage their break room ice machines down to smaller restaurants and hotels. Some of the best brand ice makers that previous customers have preferred include:
  1. Manitowoc
  2. Koolaire
  3. Hoshizaki
  4. Scotsman
  5. Ice-O-Matic
  6. Follett

While Tri-Point technicians can service all commercial ice machine brands, these are the most common companies recommended for reliability and performance. Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Koolaire stand out among the best of the best.

What We Can Do For You


Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential regardless of whether you have a lightly used break room ice machine or a large hotel going through hundreds of pounds of ice each day. An improperly cleaned ice machine can lead to mold growth and other issues that can cause the people using it to become ill. Other issues with an ice machine that isn’t regularly cleaned include mineral buildup that can damage and eventually break your machine, leading to the need for an expensive repair or replacement. This can be avoided by working with a reputable company like Tri-Point that will create a regular maintenance schedule appropriate for your specific ice machine and the level of wear and tear that it receives.

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance

Aside from just cleaning, your commercial ice machine will also need regular maintenance to replace heavy-use parts such as the water filter. This helps to keep your machine running and can decrease the chance of parts breaking and the need for expensive repairs. Tri-Point technicians are capable of servicing almost all brands of commercial ice machines, including in offices, restaurants, hotels, and even residential buildings or homes. Your technician will help you understand what needs to be done in terms of maintenance to keep your machine running correctly and to help you get the full lifetime value from your ice machine. Some of the more popular commercial under-counter ice machine brands include Scotsman, Manitowoc Ice, and Hoshizaki. These commercial ice machines can usually range in price between two and four thousand dollars, with some models being more expensive depending on specific features.

Why You Need a Tri-Point Refrigeration For Your Commercial Ice Machine


Ice Machines For Restaurants

Restaurants must ensure their ice machines are well maintained and cleaned regularly due to consistent wear and tear. There is also the added burden of being more closely monitored by health department officials than other business types. You want to work with a company that knows how to install and service your restaurant’s commercial ice machine and can advise you on the best course of action for preventative maintenance and cleaning. Tri-Point has worked with large and small restaurants to ensure their installations go perfectly and that the equipment stays clean and compliant with all health regulations.

Ice Makers For Office Break Rooms

Like restaurants, ice machines in office break rooms must be installed correctly and regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure clean ice that doesn’t taste odd. This means everything from the water and filtration systems to the refrigeration must work correctly and be serviced regularly. The last thing you want is your employees getting sick from dirty ice due to mold growth in your machine. This can lead to downtime in your office place and potential loss of revenue. Your Tri-Point technician will work with you to better understand your specific equipment and to ensure it stays in perfect working order to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Hotel Ice Machines

Hotel Ice machines can be another piece of equipment prone to mold growth if installed and maintained incorrectly. Because these machines receive regular use from guests who may not take the best care of them, it’s essential to have them cleaned regularly. You don’t want complaints on review websites or directly to your company’s headquarters due to mold in an ice machine or because the machines are out of order. Tri-Point can help with routine maintenance and 24 hours a day emergency repairs to ensure your machines stay in proper working order.

Types Of Ice Makers

Not all commercial ice machine models are the same, and depending on where your machine will be and who the primary user will be, there may be a specific model better suited for your business. Tri-Point technicians will work to understand your company and need help select the perfect model for you.


Undercounter Ice Makers

Commercial under-counter ice makers are typically smaller in size and made to fit under counters and bars for space-saving. These are commonly used by bars and sometimes in office break rooms due to their ability to produce up to 350 lbs. of ice daily on average. Some of the more popular commercial under-counter ice machine brands include Scotsman, Manitowoc Ice, and Hoshizaki. These commercial ice machines can usually range in price between two and four thousand dollars, with some models being more expensive depending on specific features.

Countertop Ice Machines

Commercial countertop ice machines with a dispenser are the model more commonly seen in restaurants and office break rooms. These typically produce around 400 lbs. of ice per day and make it easier for customers or employees to fill up cups or glasses. Whereas an under-counter ice maker requires you to use a scoop to get ice, countertop ice machine models have a lever or sensor that dispenses the ice as needed. Costs for countertop ice machines can range from a few thousand dollars up to ten thousand depending on capacity desired. Some of the more popular brands for commercial countertop ice machines include Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Follett, and Scotsman.

Modular Ice Makers

Modular ice makers are best for businesses that go through large amounts of ice each day. These types of ice machines come in two separate parts with the actual ice maker on the top and a bin at the bottom. These commercial ice machine types are commonly seen in larger restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels. You can reasonably expect between 250 and 2000 lbs. of ice per day depending on the size of the model you choose. Modular ice makers can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars or more, depending on the capacity and capabilities.

At Tri-Point Refrigeration, we understand that commercial ice machine services are such that prompt, efficient service can make or break your business on a hot day when all customers want is cold drinks. In our industry, delivering on a service promise is not something to be taken lightly. We understand that our reputation is the difference between getting the contract or not, and we always work with our customer’s best interests at heart. Your business and products are too important to trust to just any refrigeration company; call the trusted professionals at Tri-Point Refrigeration today!

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