Tri-Point Refrigeration Blog | Need a new walk-in cooler in Austin? Here’s what to expect. Part 3.

Need a new walk-in cooler in Austin? Here’s what to expect. Part 3.

Jan 28, 2024 | Commercial Kitchen, Refrigeration, Walk Ins | 0 comments

Part 3: Pre Planning and Building the Walk-in Box

The last couple of weeks we have gone over what needs to be considered in the planning process of buying a new walk-in cooler or freezer. We try our best to make it as easy as possible. It is a custom made-to-order box for your specific needs so we try to be clear and concise throughout the process. After you have been sent the quote the next step is up to you. But, we help a little bit!

Accepting the Quote:

After you receive the quote, our super knowledgeable COO will give you a call and go over the quote with you and answer any questions that you might have. If you are ready to approve the quote, we require the drawing to be signed to verify that the dimensions that you requested are what will be built. Once everything is approved we collect a deposit and order everything.

Building Permits:

Once we have ordered the box and equipment we will begin the process of acquiring city permits. Some municipalities do not require a permit for a walk-in cooler and others do not require a permit unless the unit is beyond a certain size. We deal with the permitting details so you don’t have to worry about it.


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Delivery of walk-in panels for a large walk-in in Austin, Texas

Once the walk-in box is ready to ship it can be shipped to our warehouse or if it is for a larger project it will be shipped directly to your location where our technicians will unload it in preparation for installation.

Construction of Walk-in:

Large Walk-in construction in Austin, Texas

This is one of our favorite parts of the entire walk-in process. The construction of a cooler and a freezer are a little different:

A freezer has a floor almost 100% of the time and that floor makes laying out the box easy. In fact you just begin assembling the floor panels. The wall panels lock right into the floor and the roof locks into the walls. As we are locking all of the sections together we seal every floor, ceiling and wall panel seam where they come together to prevent moisture from entering the box. This is especially important in a freezer because if moisture keeps entering through the seams, the panels will fail and the evaporator will build up ice much faster than usual.

A cooler or combo box requires an extra step in construction. A screed board or sill must be attached to the building floor first because there is no floor provided with the walk-in. The walk-in wall panels are attached to this screed board or sill and this prevents the bottom of the walls from moving. The rest of the walls are locked together once again sealing every panel, the floor and screed or sill to prevent moisture infiltration. The roof is last, of course.

The average walk-in box takes about one day to build. Once it is constructed and sealed it is ready for the next step.


At this point we have to turn part of the project over to a licensed electrician to bring power to the walk-in box for lights, the evaporator and the condensing unit. Separate power must be brought to the walk-in for the lights and the evaporator. Power will also need to be brought to the condenser whether that is on the roof of the building, the ground near the building or on top of the walk-in box. While we do not provide electrical services we have several electricians who we recommend who will get the job done quickly. We will work with them to bring the appropriate power to the locations that it is needed.

Check back in next week for the conclusion where we install the refrigeration system. Can’t wait for next week? Ready to get that walk-in that you have been thinking about? Give us a call. Call 512-651-4565 in Austin and (806) 787-4985 in Lubbock, Texas Or Visit our website at

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