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What is Nugget Ice Good For?

Jan 27, 2024 | Commercial Kitchen, Ice Machines, Refrigeration | 0 comments

Ice–the ever-versatile luxury that Americans know and love. It’s so specifically us and is so deeply ingrained into our everyday life, and we don’t even know it! Imagine a day without ice! Here at Tri-Point, we dare not imagine a day without it!

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If you’re well-versed in the ice world, you know that there are tons of different types of ice with specific uses. However, today we’re going to focus on the fan favorite: nugget ice.

Best ice ever?

Nugget ice goes by many names–tubular nugget ice, pellet ice, or as many Texans lovingly refer to it as, “Sonic ice”. “Sonic ice” may be the best name, since you have undoubtedly figured out exactly what nugget ice is just by that name alone.

The beauty of nugget ice is its versatility. No matter what you’re cooking up, this ice has something great to offer, whether in the casual or business world. So, what is nugget ice good for?

Blending. Nuggets ice is soft, melts somewhat quickly, and is generally much less dense than other forms of ice. This makes it the ideal ice for blending, as its softness causes much less wear and tear on the blender blades. It also can help make for silky smoothies.

Entertaining. This ice is great for entertaining. It’s the go-to ice for popular drinks like juleps and other crushed ice cocktails and works wonders when blending up piña coladas. It’s also spectacular ice to have for refreshing lemonades and sodas, as well as iced coffees and mochas! Even better–this ice is great for displaying seafood dishes and appetizers when entertaining.

For kids. Due to its softness, this ice is very easy to crush to be able to make fun summertime snacks for kids (and adults!). Nugget ice can so easily be used to make slushies and snow cones, which can be a total blast for kids and their friends, or even for entertaining a kid’s birthday party.

Best chewing ice. Have a habit of chewing ice, or just need to keep your mouth busy while you’re focused? Nugget ice is the absolute best chewing ice. Due to its softness and quick melting speed, this ice is much less damaging to the teeth than other harder, denser ice types.

Cooling. Duh! All ice cools! Yes, we know. However, nugget ice is actually better than other ice types at cooling better and faster. If you need to cool down drinks, food, meat, or even an injury, this ice is known to do a better job in less than when compared to other ice types. Since nugget ice is soft, it can easily mold to the shape of whatever it needs to cool, doing a much better job at lowering the temperature. This is also why nugget ice melts faster than other ice–it is absorbing the heat of whatever it’s coming in contact with at a much faster rate, thus causing it to melt faster. Although ice melting quickly may seem like it’s not of good quality, it actually means it’s working pretty well!

I’m interested!

Interested in having a nugget ice machine all to yourself? Well–you’re in luck! There are plenty of residential options for ice machines, and this includes ice machines that specifically make nugget ice.

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