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Our Mission

​​About Tri-Point Refrigeration, Inc.

Our efforts at Tri-Point are focused on providing the highest value refrigeration products and solutions as well as valuable educational information that make running your business easier and frees your time up to run your business, not worry about ice machine and refrigeration problems. We are committed to helping fellow business' achieve the best possible results with their commercial refrigeration products and ice machines. This is why we invest our time and effort into team training, leadership training, and staffing our team with knowledgeable refrigeration personnel that have winning attitudes and a desire to make personal and professional progress. Tri-Point only stocks the highest quality products and brands that we trust.

Our Mission

The mission of Tri-Point Refrigeration, Inc. is to continually grow its teammates into the foremost industry leaders in the commercial refrigeration and ice machine business. We will do this by training, asking questions, continuing to seek knowledge, and providing our customers with sustainable, long term solutions.

A Message from the Owner

Having grown up in this industry I am all too familiar with early mornings, late nights and hard work. I am all too familiar with lots of technicians and support staff that work their lives away, and for what? No-one has ever taken the time to care for them, who they are, and what their personal goals are. This company was started for you, it was started to give great people a great place to work, where we care about you more than profits. Our goal is to have successful teammates.


The tongue can be an instrument of destruction or a valuable tool for spreading the message of Christ.


We become truly personal by loving God and by loving other people. In its deepest sense, love is the life and the energy of the Creator in us.


To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.


We must let God’s Word draw our lines of conduct. Our speech and actions must be intentionally true, backed by the courage to keep our word and stand up for our convictions. Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Tri-Point is a CHRISTIAN company that strives to give their work family the opportunity to grow personally, have the means to provide comfortably for their families, and create a rewarding career path. The success of our company depends on the success of our teammates!

Who We Are

Tri-Point is motley collection of the smartest people we have ever met, we hire for attitude not talent. Each bringing a different experience & abilities to the table, we rely on each person's skills and experiences to make our team as a whole, better. Our team has over 160+ years of combined commercial refrigeration experience and we add to that everyday. We are committed to learning and becoming better everyday. Our team is lighthearted and seeks to serve our customers in any way that we can which is usually repairing a walk in cooler or ice machine, but also means helping take out the trash, load a truck, a much needed hug or just an encouraging word. Our team exists to serve your team.

Where We Came From

Tri-Point was started in 2015, based in Hutto, Texas, just outside of Austin, Texas. Our owner started out in Lubbock, Texas working as a commercial refrigeration technician for his grandfather's business. After a few shake ups and his grandfather's retirement, he knew it was time to leave the family business and move one. Starting out in Hutto, we knew one thing, we have to care for people and we have to serve our customers ABOVE ALL ELSE. We aren't just a service company we are a serving company. We remember daily that our customers may be having a bad day, they may have a sick child at home, a flat tire on the way to work, a parent with cancer, behind on bills, or just didn't sleep well. It's our job to take the added stress of a warm walk in or reach in, or an empty ice maker bin and carry that burden for our customers. Not just fixing their mechanical problems, but serving them in any way that we can.

Our Core Values

At Tri-Point, our core values are more than just a dusty plaque on the wall. We strive to be a living embodiment of them. We strive to engrain them in all the team members and we talk about them all the time. If you share these same values, hit our careers page, we will find you a spot!

Serves the Customer Above All Else.


Understands that we exist to serve our customers. We are not just a service company, we are a serving company. We place our customer's needs above our own, especially when difficult.

The will and drive to get better everyday, both personally and professionally. Reading, watching and asking questions, and improving daily. When a problem arises, you take the initiative to solve the problem then, not assuming someone else will do it.

The utmost respect for our customer, vendors, and team, while being open minded about each others differences and experiences.

Motivated By a Job Well Done.

Motivated by doing the best job possible, our work is art, and it's worship to God. We don't do a good job simply because we are paid for it, we do it because we simply can't settle for anything less.

Driven to Improve and Take Initiative.

Good Natured and Open Minded.

Humbly Confident.

Ability to show confidence in yourself and your work, yet humble when receiving accurate and healthy criticism. Humble enough to set aside personal desires and buy in for the benefit of the team.

Our Values
Who we are
Where We Came From
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