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Commercial versus Industrial Ice Makers: What to Consider for Your Business

When it comes to choosing an ice machine for your business, there are two main options to consider: an industrial ice machine or a commercial ice machine. While both machines are designed to produce large amounts of ice, they differ in terms of their intended use and capabilities. Let's explore the factors you need to consider when deciding which type of ice machine is right for your business.

Commercial Ice Machines

What to Consider

Intended Use. The first factor to consider when choosing between an industrial ice machine and a commercial ice machine is your intended use. If you are running a small business, such as a coffee shop or a bar, a commercial ice machine may be all you need. Commercial ice machines are designed to produce up to 500 pounds of ice per day, which is enough to meet the needs of most small businesses.

However, if you are running a larger business, such as a hotel or a restaurant, an industrial ice machine may be more appropriate. Industrial ice machines are capable of producing over 1,000 pounds of ice per day, making them ideal for businesses that require a high volume of ice production.

Capacity. Commercial ice machines come in a variety of sizes and capacities, ranging from small countertop models that produce 50 pounds of ice per day to larger floor-standing models that can produce up to 500 pounds of ice per day.

Industrial ice machines, on the other hand, are designed to produce even larger quantities of ice. They come in various sizes and can produce anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 pounds of ice per day. The size and capacity of the machine you choose will depend on your business's needs, such as the number of customers you serve and the amount of ice you require, as mentioned above.

Installation Requirements. The installation requirements of industrial ice machines and commercial ice machines also differ. Commercial ice machines typically require a water line and a drain, as well as a dedicated electrical outlet. They can be installed under a countertop or on a floor-standing unit.

Industrial ice machines are much larger and require more space for installation. They also require a larger water line and drainage system, as well as a higher voltage electrical connection. Industrial ice machines demand a lot of space and utilities, so it's important to ensure that you can accommodate an industrial ice machine before making a purchase.

Maintenance and Service. Both industrial ice machines and commercial ice machines require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to operate efficiently and effectively. However, the frequency and complexity of the maintenance requirements differ between the two types of machines.

Commercial ice machines typically require simple maintenance tasks, such as regular cleaning and filter replacement. Some models may also require periodic descaling to remove mineral buildup. These tasks can often be performed by the business owner or an employee.

Industrial ice machines, however, may require more complex maintenance tasks, such as compressor replacements or refrigerant recharging. These tasks may require the expertise of a trained technician. It's important to consider the availability of service and maintenance for both types of machines before making a purchase.

Cost. The cost of an industrial ice machine and a commercial ice machine can vary significantly in range. Commercial ice machines can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and capacity of the machine. Industrial ice machines can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and complexity of the machine.

It's important to consider not only the upfront cost of the machine but also the long-term costs associated with operating and maintaining it. Factors such as energy efficiency, water usage, and maintenance costs can all affect the total cost of ownership over the life of the machine.

The bottom line

Purchasing an ice machine for your business is no small task, no matter the size of the business. Ice machines are no doubt essential to any food, hospitality business, and hospital, so it’s ever important to make a wise and informed decision before taking that shot!

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