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How to Lower your Electic Bill this Summer

Updated: 2 days ago

If you were born and raised in Texas, you know that the summer electric bill is no joke. On average, Texans can end up paying about 25% more on their electric bill during the summer versus in the winter. Battling the summer sun is a real struggle for your A/C unit, and for your wallet. So, what can we do to try to keep that electricity bill at bay? Keep reading for some more tips!

  1. Work a 9-5? Set your temperature a little higher during the day. Your house doesn’t have to be on 65 if there’s no one in there to keep cool! Save yourself the extra bucks and set it a few degrees up. This can save you about 10% a month on energy bills–and when that price gets up there, that’s a good chunk of savings!

  2. Likewise, think about adding a programable thermostat to your home. This way, you can program slightly warmer temperatures during the times when you know your home will be empty, and easily set it to come up to a more comfortable temperature about 30 minutes before you usually come home.

  3. Check your doors and windows for air leakage. A few small cracks can add up, especially when the temperatures are soaring in the 100s outside. Stop the precious cold air from escaping through drafts under your doors by installing draft blockers or repairing weather stripping around windows. Make sure to inspect baseboards and outlets, as these can be unsuspecting culprits of air leakage. Once you find any cracks, simply apply caulk to the area (and don’t forget to smooth it out!).

  4. Blackout curtains! If you don’t mind the dark, blackout curtains can really pack a punch when it comes to deflecting the sun's rays from entering your home. They’re a quick and relatively inexpensive remedy to cooling down your space in the summer months.

  5. Want to take it a step beyond blackout curtains? Consider thermal curtains. These are basically the Cadillac of blackout curtains, designed to deflect as much heat as possible. And bonus–they’re helpful during the winter months as well!

  6. Don’t use your oven. If you’re able, try and opt for a conventional oven instead. Ovens are giant heating machines and can drastically impact the temperature of your home. Your A/C works overtime every time you use the oven to counteract the immense heat that it gives off. If you’re trying to save a few bucks, this is where to do it!

  7. Consider cooler or shorter showers. If you’ve ever had your AC go out, you know that a singular steamy shower can add an unbearable amount of heat and humidity to your home. Not only are cool showers better for your skin and hair, but they’re better for your eclectic bill, too!

  8. Swap out your lightbulbs. We know, you’ve probably heard this one a million times. But it’s true–energy-efficient lightbulbs can really save you a few bucks! Not only that, but you can bet you won’t be replacing them as often as regular bulbs, too.

  9. Similarly, turn off the lights! There’s no need to leave every light in the house on if the area is not in use. It’s a good practice to have, especially in the summer. This will save you some coins, and some excess heat.

No matter what combination of tips and tricks you choose to use, you’re guaranteed to stretch your dollar a bit more during the summer when employing a few hacks to keep your home cooler and your wallet fuller. Similarly, summer proofing your A/C, as we discussed in this blog post, is sure to help you save on your electricity as well, by ensuring that your A/C unit is running at its most efficient during its busiest months! Reducing the pressure on your A/C unit will ensure its longevity, protect your wallet from costly repairs or replacements, and guarantee that your unit isn’t using up more electricity than it needs to be.

We’re excited to help you along the way, and with regular servicing, we can keep your equipment running smoothly and healthily, while also extending the reach of your dollar.

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