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Planning Your Commercial Kitchen Around Your Refrigeration Equipment

Updated: May 16

commercial refrigeration fans

A common complaint among those requiring commercial refrigeration in their kitchen is the lack of, or loss of, space once the refrigeration equipment is installed. This problem affects both the interior of the walk in cooler or freezer as well as the exterior space left around the equipment in your kitchen. Consideration of how the size and shape of the walk in or reach in will affect your area will help in the planning and positioning and could be instrumental in running a successful business. For businesses that use commercial refrigeration, proper design is so important to maximize space! The proper design is necessary to help give you an easier, smarter workspace, and it helps to prevent bottlenecks in your production or customer flow. Available space is a big consideration, as well as work and customer flow. If you’re considering several units, you should start by taking a look at your space. Stand there and consider how you would normally direct traffic in your kitchen or store. Begin by taping off the area you are thinking about placing your commercial refrigeration equipment. The grouping together of units that complement the flow of food preparation or lead consumer buying decisions is a good place to start. A functional kitchen is important, so be sure to consider this to maximize space in the kitchen.

Other considerations for maximizing your space can be made in the interior of the refrigeration unit. You can alter the space inside a unit by the addition of shelves, the resizing of spacing gaps between shelves, or the organization of your products. You may need a bigger reach in or walk in than you originally thought, or maybe you just need to maximize the space in your current refrigeration unit to open space up for more efficient storage!

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