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Top Hacks for your Commercial Refrigeration

Updated: May 15

For any restaurant, cafe, or food-service business, the refrigerator is the absolute most crucial part of the entire business: without it, the place simply cannot run. That’s why it is ever important to take great care of the refrigeration that you have. These great machines are built to truly hold their own and withstand use day in and day out, all the while regulating their temperature to keep their contents fresh for you.

Reach-In Refrigerator
Reach-In Refrigerator

However, even the noblest of refrigerators will have its off day, and we face a broken-down fridge. On these apocalyptic days, it can truly be life-saving to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves to keep the ball rolling and get everything back up and running ASAP.

Restaurateurs and cafe owners ‘round, we have compiled for you the best hacks for commercial refrigeration repair that you’ll be glad to know!

  1. Keep your fridge dry. If there’s one thing that bacteria and grim love, it’s moisture. Keeping your fridge dry and clean helps ward off potential bacterial growth, which in turn helps keep your fridge free and clear of dirt and grime buildup, which can build up over time and cause your fridge to work overtime to maintain its internal temperature. This can make the fridge less efficient, spike energy bills, and ultimately cause it to break down at inopportune times. For tips on how to properly clean a commercial refrigerator, check out our blog post all about it.

  2. Don’t overpack it. A crowded refrigerator is not an efficient one. In order to maintain steady temperatures, your fridge needs sufficient breathing room inside to allow for airflow and to not block sensors. Although it may be tempting to utilize all that real estate, the fact is that packing your fridge like a can of sardines will only make it less efficient, cause it to work extra to maintain temperature, and thus hasten the deterioration of internal parts and cause premature wear-and-tear. To avoid a breakdown, make sure that the inside of your fridge has enough wiggle room and that vents aren’t blocked by the product.

  3. Check the condenser filter. Located behind the fridge, this component can be quite easy to forget. However, having a clean condenser filter really makes a difference when it comes to efficiency. This component is crucial when it comes to air circulation which helps keep the fridge cool. Because of this, it can attract quite a bit of dirt and dust, which can effectively clog it and make it a liability by restricting airflow, which can cause a breakdown. Simply check this component regularly and wipe it down to clean it and prevent clogs.

  4. Check the compressor. This component is responsible for transferring heat away from the fridge and keeping the inside cold by maintaining the temperature. No matter what, the compressor will display wear and tear, as there’s simply no avoiding it. A worn-out compressor can cause loud noises, ineffective cooling, or just straight-up breakdowns. Having the compressor checked by a technician can help you avoid costly breakdowns and loss of business.

  5. Do you have the right temperature? The ideal temperature truly depends on what you need to store in the fridge and it’s important to be aware of the best temperatures not only for the health of your fridge but for the sake of your product as well! The ideal temperature for dairy products versus the ideal temperature for sodas can have a difference of nearly 10 degrees. Understanding the right temperature for what’s in your fridge is important to know what temperature you should be setting it at, as it’s not totally pertinent to have your fridge work extra hard to get to a temperature that your product doesn’t need!

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