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What Does it Look Like to Install a Walk-in Freezer?

Updated: 2 days ago

Installing a walk-in freezer for your business? It’s a huge step, and we applaud you! Maybe you’re feeling nervous or hesitant, or just not sure what to expect in such an operation: what does a walk-in installation even look like?

We know, it can be a little daunting! However, we’re here to give show you the lay of the land and let you know what to expect starting from the second we arrive to install your walk-in.

Of course, the first step is to choose your walk-in freezer. Now, we could go on for hours about this topic (there’s so much to discuss!), but we’ll spare you the reading here–you can hop right on over here to read all about choosing the right walk-in freezer for your business!

After settling on the perfect walk-in, we wait for delivery day! Upon the arrival of your new walk-in, it is extremely important to inspect it to make sure there’s been no damage sustained from its travel.

Once you’ve ensured that your new walk-in is in prime condition, we move to installation day! You can expect some of our trained technicians to show up on your doorstep, tools in hand, and ready to get your walk-in installed and ready to roll. We’re sure you can imagine that the installation of something so large can be quite the operation–that walk-in freezer is gonna take up a lot of space, especially as it’s being assembled. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the space in which the installers are working is free of obstacles and ready to receive a fair amount of materials!

Before our technicians get to work assembling the walk-in, double-checking that the floor is level is key. With an uneven floor comes some hiccups in the form of needing to level the walk-in using rot-resistance planks or shims. If the walk-in is not level, you can risk breakage and shortening its longevity. Of course, if you went with a floorless walk-in, this step will be skipped, as our technicians will be busy attaching the walk-in’s walls to the floor.

Once the flooring (or lack thereof) is taken care of, our technicians will move on to building the walls and ceiling of the walk-in. The quickness of this process fully depends on the size of your walk-in. If it’s relatively small, the walls and ceilings can take no time at all, as it generally takes much less time for significantly smaller-sized parameters to be pieced together. Of course, a bigger walk-in means more panels and a little more time! This step can also be indicative of whether or not the floor is truly level. If our techs notice that the ceiling panels have created a stair-step pattern, that means that the floor is not level.

We’ve got the frame up! Next up to bat–the door! Our technicians will then install the door to your brand new walk-in, making sure that it’s tight on its hinges and that no air will enter or escape as to keep the cold environment of your walk-in stable and uninterrupted.

Once the door is ready on its hinges, our technicians will move to cover one of the most important parts of walk-in installation: caulking. This crucial step is key to keeping the cold air inside your freezer and keeping the hot air (and contaminants) out.

Overall, you can expect your walk-in freezer installation to take all but one afternoon. Of course, time can vary depending on the space and size of your chosen freezer, but with our seasoned techs, you can bet that the process will be quick and smooth.

Still have questions about installations? Start right here by giving us a call here at Tri-Point Refrigeration and we would be ecstatic in helping you in your walk-in freezer journey! We’re excited to help you along the way, and our professional technicians can help find the perfect spot for your walk-in. With good placement and regular servicing, we can keep your equipment running smoothly and healthily, while also extending the reach of your dollar.

For a direct line to any of our employees ready on the line to help you, please call…(512) 651-4565 for our Austin, Texas community (806) 686-0050 for our Lubbock, Texas community. Or check out our website at


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