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What's the Best Temperature to Set my Thermostat?

Updated: May 6

The classic couple divider: what temperature do we set the thermostat? One of you enjoys a toasty 75, while the other melt into the carpet. The other enjoys a crisp 68 while the other devolves into an ice cube.

Setting your temperature correctly can be tricky

Of course, the perfect thermostat temperature can depend on a lot of things: personal taste, geography, and of course, how much you want to spend on your electricity bill. However, there are a

few good rules of thumb when trying to elect a good regular temperature for your home and air conditioning system.

Setting a regular temperature that you want to maintain your home at is a quick and mostly effortless way to cut down on your energy bill and increase your comfort and peace of mind. W

hile we don’t recommend living by your thermostat to monitor it, we do recommend a great programmable thermostat to give you the power you need to regulate your home’s temperatures.

Generally speaking, there’s no one perfect thermostat temperature for any single home. The biggest factor in regulating and maintaining a livable temperature in your home is where you live. However, there are overarching truths that apply to every home, which can then be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

During the summer

The hottest months we must brave are also those in which our home’s temperature is of the utmost importance. While it swelters outside here in Texas, you may find yourself struggling to keep your home cooled while also balancing a manageable electric bill. However, most agree that the best temperature to set your thermostat to during the summer months is 78 degrees. At this temperature, you can stay comfortable without risking running your air conditioning all day. If this temperature is outside your comfort level, an inexpensive dehumidifier can work wonders in making your home feel cooler and crisper.

Another way to keep your temperature and energy bill in ch

eck during the summer is to set the temperature to be slightly higher when you plan on being out of the house. This way, you’re not cooling an empty home and wasting money. Setting it just a couple of degrees higher can help ease the stress on your bill and your AC unit while still preserving comfortable temperatures inside. If you plan on being out for a long period of time, setting the temperature close to the temperatures outside is the best bet for avoiding running your AC unnecessarily.

During the winter

For the colder months, the idea remains largely the same. You don’t want temperatures inside your home to vary too much from the outside temperature to ensure that you aren’t running up your energy bill. However, the same rule still applies: it has to be liveable, and it has to be comfortable. Generally, the best temperature to set your home at during the day throughout the winter months is 68 degrees.

Similarly, setting your thermostat a few degrees lower when you’re

out of the house helps avoid your heater kicking on and running unnecessarily. If temperatures outside aren’t too stark, lowering the thermostat to closer to 60 degrees when you’re not home will save you some coin.

However, winter does have a slight advantage over winter in that it’s actually encouraged to lower your thermostat lower for bedtime, as many people actually sleep much better in cooler temperatures. If you fall within this group, enjoy those deep, cool nights of sleep this winter!

Finding your best temperature

Although not everyone will agree on a universal perfect indoor temperature, the above guidelines can act as a great starting point when trying to find the best temperature for you, your family, and your home. Fret not–you can always deviate a few degrees to suit your specific needs! Make sure to consider what is the most comfortable for you while keeping the electric bill in mind. In that way, you will strike your personal perfect balance.

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