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What's the Most Efficient Way to Use a Space Heater?

Updated: May 6

Space heaters can be a wonderful and easy way to warm up during the winter. They’re small, portable, and generally inexpensive. They provide a fast and easy solution to the chills by delivering concentrated heat.

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Space heaters beg the question though: can using space heaters save you money? They are a very popular choice when trying to save a bit on energy during the winter as homeowners opt for space heaters in lieu of using possibly more expensive central heat. Cranking the thermostat down and cranking on space heaters may seem like a viable option when it comes to saving money. But, is it true? Read on to find out.

Size matters!

Space heaters are generally very small, although decently powerful. However, the size that really matters in this scenario is the size of your home–layout can even affect this as well. Since space heaters are designed to heat small spaces, it will almost always take several space heaters to adequately and comfortably heat a home.

With a home that’s too large for a run-of-the-mill space heater, or even a home with an open concept and lots of deadspace, there can be a lot of air to heat up. Heating with electricity is generally more expensive than other options, like propane or gas, so trying to heat the same area with an electric space heater can actually end up costing you more money to run.

Settings matter!

Of course, how you choose to use a space heater can drastically affect energy use and savings as well. Space heaters generally have many different settings controlled by a thermostat. Many space heaters can run at a max power of 1,500W per hour and a minimum of 300W per hour. Depending on what setting you go for, this can very much impact energy use and how much it can really cost to run a space heater.

Use time matters!

Like anything that uses electricity, how long and often you use a space heater will affect your bill. If you opt for running your space heater on full blast at all hours, you will likely be running up your energy bill more than the furnace would have in the same time period.

How to do it right

Dead set on using a space heater to keep warm? There are definitely some tricks you can use to get the most out of your space heaters while saving money.

These tricks include:

  • Lower power mode during the day. If where you live is generally sunny, consider opening up your blinds and curtains to let in some natural sunlight during the day while keeping your space heater on a lower setting to maintain the warmth in your home or whatever space you’re trying to keep warm.

  • Use in enclosed spaces. Don’t put your space heater in a giant, open-concept living room and run it all day. The space is likely to not come to temperature and stay consistent, and you will be using a lot of energy with little reward. Instead, use space heaters in places like bedrooms, offices, and kitchens.

  • Choose wisely. If you’re on the hunt for a space heater, try and go for one with automatic temperature control. That way, once your room has come to temperature, it will turn off and not waste energy as well as not totally overheat the space. Likewise, get the right-sized space heater for its intended use. Getting a tiny heater with a capacity that doesn’t fit with your room will result in running it harder and longer, aka using up more expensive electricity.

The bottom line

Space heaters can be a great choice when used correctly, or can be a total regret if used incorrectly. If going for the option of a space heater, make sure that you’ve got the right model for the intended use and that you are fully aware of how efficiently it’s heating your space and how efficiently you’re utilizing its settings!

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